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For the fifth year in a row, MF Gallery brings you a great selection of toys designed by artists from around the world. These toys are not just designed by emerging and well-known artists, they are all hand crafted by the artists themselves- each one a unique work of art!

The 2007 MF Toys Show will include art toys made by: Jenny Harada, Suckadelic, Mary Doyle, Ed Repka, Serena Kuhl, Monica Roache, Fernando Carpaneda, Jaz Harold, Diana Schoenbrun, Bastet, Annette E. Padilla, Nikki Taylor, Norma Jean Almodovar, MF Toys and many others.

The show will open on Saturday November 10th and run until December 23rd. Pieces will be priced to fit all budgets, starting at only $20!! MF Toys make great Holiday gifts and are sure to please little ones and big ones alike!!

Please join us to celebrate the opening of the 2007 MF Toys Show on Saturday November 10th, 7-10 PM. Many of the Toy Artists will be present at this Rock N Roll bash. Drinks and snacks will be served. Admission is free and all ages are welcome!

For more information or to request high resolution images, please contact Martina or Frank at or (917)446-8681.
The 2007 MF Gallery Toy Show November 10- December 23, 2007
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Thanks to Ann W. for these images of opening night of exhibit
Just hangin' around the art show... any interesting humans here? I'M HUNGRY!
"Hey- you... come back here right now! I'm talking to you!"
The Gallery Opening of the 2007 MF Gallery Toy Show
Swamp Creature stares at Human Creature- it's snack time!
Norma Jean's Lil' Peeps© Horrorific Dolls adorn the walls of the MF Gallery