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Please refer to this chart when deciding what color scheme you would like for your custom gift.
Visit the ArtMesh© website to see other examples of its use: http://www.artmesh.com/main.htm





G03 Moss Green Golden

J03 Moss Green Solid

S03 Moss Green Iridescent

Wh-G03 White Checkered

G04 Lime Green Golden

J04 Lime Green Solid

S04 Lime Green Iridescent

KS04 Gold stripe Lime Green

G06 Spring Yellow Golden

J06 Spring Yellow Solid

S06 Spring Yellow Iriidescent

KS06 Gold Stripe Spring Yellow

G05 Spring Green Golden

J05 Spring Green Solid

S05 Spring Green Iridescent

G14 Baby Blue Golden

J14 Baby Blue Solid

S14 Baby blue Iridescent

KS14 Gold Stripe Baby Blue

G18 Grey Golden

J18 Grey Solid

S18 Grey Iridescent


G01 Sheer Gold

J02 Creme White Solid

S02 Creme White Iridescent

PN-01 Pink Stripe White

G20 Golden Gold

J01 Lily White Solid

S01 Lily White Iridescent

KS01 Gold Stripe White

G09 Curry Brown Golden

J09 Curry Brown Solid

S09 Curry Brown Iridescent

MG-10 Metalic Gold

G17 Black Golden

J17 Black Solid

S17 Black Iridescent

MS-10 Metalic Silver

G15 Navy Blue Golden

J15 Navy Blue Solid

S15 Navy Blue Iridescent


G19 Royal Blue Golden

J19 Royal Blue Solid

S19 Royal Blue Iridescent


G12 Purple Golden

J12 Purple Solid

S12 Purple Iridescent


G11 Lavender Golden

J11 Lavender Solid

S11 Lavender Iridescent

KS11 Gold Stripe Lavender

G07 Pink Golden

J07 Pink Solid

S07 Pink Iridescent

KS07 Gold Stripe Pink

G13 Orange Golden

J13 Orange Solid

S13 Orange Iridescent

KS13 Gold Stripe Orange

G08 Crimson Red Golden

J08 Crimson Red Solid

S08 Crimson Red Iridescent

Wh08 White Checkered Red

G16 Burgundy Golden

J16 Burgundy Solid

S16 Burgundy Iridescent

Wh07 White Checkered Pink

G10 Mauve Golden

J10 Mauve Solid

S11 Mauve Iridescent

Wh16 White Stripe Burgundy