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Top: Earl Bingsley- 17 inches tall- I can't think of a better name right off the top of my head.... part of the S. Sklar collection- similar doll will cost $195
Earl holding the top of his head in his hands- notic the brain goo hanging down from the head...
Earl's brains- are squishy
closeup of Top of Earl's head in his hands- with brain goo dripping down
Floyd and Marge Peterson- Skeleton couple-part of the S. Sklar collection. Similar couple $375 a pair. The saxophone is made of real metal.
Marge Peterson closeup- she is 16 3/4 inches
Floyd Peterson closeup- real metal saxophone - he is 19 inches tall. Has spider on top of hat.
Marge and Floyd Peterson
Randolph Kingsley- 16 inches (without head on top) Part of the S. Sklar collection. Similar character $195. Randolph stands head and shoulders above the crowd....
squishy arteries hang down from Randolph's head... Randolph is a dashing young man... who lost his head over a dame!