DOLLS FOR ADULTS* Collectibles

The Concept: So many adults have fond memories of their childhood dolls- Barbie dolls for many women and GI Joes for the guys... We believe that these childhood mementos are no longer suitable for us as adults, so when we reach "maturity,"our childhood "friends" are discarded. But why should dolls be only for children? Why do they get to have all the fun?

In my "Dolls for Adults" collectibles- not to be confused with "Adult Dolls"- these outrageously ugly, colorful, outspoken characters can give back to us the fun and magic of "pretend" friends ..... AND these poseable, charmingly distasteful figments of my imagination take advantage of computer chip technology in the random phrases they express. They can sit on top of the computer monitor, on a desk, dresser, or cabinet with others of their family... after all, they are collectibles, so just one is never enough! They can converse with each other, each expressing some refreshingly candid views on life which would otherwise get YOU into trouble if YOU were to say it... but these are dolls, after all, and they can say anything they want!

An ideal adult gift- for everyone except those for whom political correctness is imperative at all times!

Norma Jean's Lil' Peeps Overview of DOLLS FOR ADULTS New and proposed Characters: Click on name to see images and information [note: not all characters are in production at this time. If the link is not highlighted, there are no images or further information currently. These images and corresponding information will be posted as the characters are created.]
My Inner Bitch©
My Inner Bubba©
My Inner BusyBody©
My Inner Diva©
My Inner Yenta©
My Inner Demon©
My Inner Goddess©
My Inner Jock©
My Inner Bad Boy©
My Inner Child©
My Inner Slut©
My Inner Pervert©
My Inner Muse©
My Inner Bag Lady©
My Inner Crazy Cat Lady©
My Inner Old Biddy©
My Inner Old Fart©
My Inner Stand-up Comic©
My Inner Drag Queen©
My Inner Old Maid©
My Inner Mother-in-law©
Colorful Characters©
Real People Inaction Figures©
Shady Characters©
FAIRIES (these are for children too)
My Inner Saleswoman©
This is a partial list of characters in the "Dolls for Adults" line.

*These dolls are not appropriate for children or persons under age 18 as they will speak words and phrases that contain adult language and themes. They will be marketed ONLY to adults with a warning label with age- appropriateness. [An additional line of similar characters is being developed for teenagers- with more appropriate dialogue.]

All characters are designed and created by Norma Jean Almodovar. The character titles and names are copyrighted by her and remain her property regardless of their use in conjunction with any of her product line.