Norma Jean on Joan Rivers' Late Show
New Years Eve 1986
Norma Jean's book got her sent to prison....
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Norma Jean Almodovar is about as controversial an artist as there ever was. She has been in the news ever since she decided to leave the Los Angeles Police Department where she worked for ten years as a traffic cop, to become a high class Beverly Hills Call Girl.

She was set up in sting operation and her unfinished manuscript confiscated and then she was sent to prison with a three year sentence on a trumped up charge, which led to her interview with Ed Bradley on “60 Minutes.”

She finished writing her book upon her release from prison, and it was published in 1993 by Simon and Schuster, and by Avon Paperback in 1994.

Her many articles have been published in law journals and academic books. She has been a long time sex worker rights activist, enlisting such luminaries as former US Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders and others in her cause. Even though she retired from her chosen profession after prison, she remains committed to challenging the laws which allow police abuse and corruption.

She has been interviewed on over 1,000 radio and tv shows and lectured at colleges, universities and international conferences. She was an NGO delegate to the 1995 UN Women’s Conference in Beijing, China.

She has often used her art as a way of expressing her political sentiments, and during the OJ Simpson trial, she sculpted the “Trial of the Century” Chess set- which included all the media as pawns. Infamous Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss’ trial was held concurrent to the OJ trial, and as we all know, OJ went free, but Heidi went to prison.

Norma Jean has been a media favorite for years because she is outspoken, articulate and always involved in a new and interesting project. Her many activities and art projects have received coverage in Civilization Magazine (the Library of Congress), Biker Magazine and Time Magazine... as well as many art publications in the US and around the world. Her sculptures range from the gory and erotic to the very wholesome figures in her unique doll wreaths on display at

She became interested in developing her line of horror/ scary/ gory characters after a fan in Florida purchased several she was selling on eBay and asked if she could make custom creatures for him. He insisted that she make them as ‘gory’ as possible and once he saw them, he urged her to consider making doll characters for other fans of gore and horror.

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